Advert Rules for Cars.

When you post an advert, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines.

You must include:
Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Tax/Test, Description of the car, Price and Location.

Pictures are recommended but optional

Try to make your description as concise as possible. Remember that cars sold privately are still bound by the Sale of Goods Act, which means they must be accurately described and must mention any faults which the buyer should know about. Avoid including unrelated information such as what you intended to do with it, why you owned it, etc. If someone wants to know the history of why you’re selling it, they can ask by ringing or emailing you.

You must not post adverts which don’t include a price, which includes ‘Gauging interest’ and ‘Offers’ threads. If you are looking for a swap or a part exchange, please be very clear about what you are looking for, and include a price regardless. If you have parts for sale which are related to the car but are being sold separately, these should be posted in the Parts Section.

Advert rules for Parts

When you post an advert, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines.

You must include:
Location, Price and Description of the item.

Pictures are recommended but optional.

As with car adverts, privately sold items advertised on this website are bound by the sale of goods act. You must ensure that the description is accurate, and the condition is as described. Again, adverts must include a price and cannot simply ask for offers.

Buying something - what should i check before sending money?

Be sensible, you're effectively sending money to a stranger!
DO NOT use bank transfer, you have pretty much no come back.
Use Paypal and never send via Gift, Paypal charge for sending money so YOU have a come back if there are issues.

Selling something - how can i make sure it goes smoothly?

Give a good description of what you're selling and take lots of pictures. Ensure you can send the parts out shortly after recieving money for them, don't sell if you don't have time to send the bits out! In some cases however, delays may be unavoidable. If you think you may be delayed in sending an item, let the buyer know.

We recommend only offering postage with a tracking number, that way you have proof of sending. Send items without a tracking number at your own risk.

WCMC accepts no responsibility for any private sales conducted through our website. We will not pursue individuals on your behalf.

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