Committee meeting 6th Apr 2021

Attendees:- Richard Husband, Eifion Evans, Tony Brinsden, Derek Stockwell.

Apologies:- Xoe Maxine and Jeff Court.

Due to current lockdown regulations, we as a club are still unable to resume
our monthly meetings. This in mind, a ‘mini’ meeting of Committee members
was called to meet outdoors in order to prepare for our first run of the year,
and to discuss our first steps back to normality!

With the ‘National Drive It Day’ (Sunday 25 th April 2021) being only 2 ½ weeks
away, we decided that this would be our inaugural run.
All current and would be new potential members are welcome to join us for
this run.

We will be meeting at the Car Park behind Whitland Co-op at 2.30pm, and
embarking on a 50 mile + run which has been planned by Tony and Margaret
Brinsden. (Many thanks to them for their efforts once again).
We would suggest bringing a picnic for our mid run comfort break and then
will proceed via a scenic route back home.

Hopefully this timing will suit most parties, whether partaking of an early lunch
before the run, or having their dinner at a respectable time in the evening.
We propose charging £5.00 per car for attending the run, this being split 50/50
between our Charity and Club accounts.

As we are aware all club activities ceased from March last year with the Covid
pandemic taking hold; as such club memberships were not renewed from 1 st
July as would have ordinarily occurred.

We propose that club membership renewals take place with effect from now
(still at the cost of £15.00), and that this term runs through to 30th June 2022.
This would in affect mean that we have not been charged membership for the
missed 12 months of club activities.

With regard to our Charity donation which normally takes place following our
AGM at the end of June each year, with the inactivity of the Club for this last
12 month period, the next donation will be made following this year’s AGM in
June 2021.

If government plans go ahead as currently suggested, there is every chance
that we should be able to start indoor club meetings by the end of May, or
latest end of June. (Subject to there being no further outbreaks).
Happy Motoring to all,

Derek S.

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